SQL SERVER – Line Number in SQL Server Management Studio(SSMS)

When we run a script in SQL Server we may face errors. To debug big script is a tedious task.Most of the  errors are in the form 

Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, Line 6 Incorrect syntax near ‘selec’.

.Here SSMS is telling that error happened at  Line 6 (as figure below),But we cant find the Line no in SSMS.

T-SQL in SSMS Without Line Nos

Generate Line No:

  1. Open SSMS and choose tools tab.
  2. In tools choose options.
  3. Under options window choose Text Editor-> Transact SQL->General
  4. In General tab ,tick the check box for Line Numbers and click ok.


The Following digrams will help you,

Options Window in SSMS


 Look at the below Image , SSMS with LineNo

SSMS with Transact-SQL Line Numbers