Some of  the Testimonials From my clients during Database Consultations,


“We recently had a problem with SQL Server performance after introducing our new website application. CPU Usage of our server is 90 – 100% at peak times. we contacted Mr.Varun for a solution.  He fixed the bug and done indexing to our data base, and done performance tunning. It helps to increase the performance of our site drastically. We are very satisfied with the work of Varun and happy to maintain relationship with him”

Jinu M John

Global-infonet Inc:


“We had a critical issue with one of our Client’s production database in USA and Varun’ s expertise and hard work helped us in resolving the issue overnight.We are happy to record that Varun has been found to be an expert, His analytical and problem solving skills seem to be excellent and efficient.Again we really appreciate his attitude, sincerity and would like to continue the relationship with him.”


We wish him all success…

Tom George
General manager, Global Infonet Inc

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  1. Hi Varun,

    Thanks for your reply.Please send front end connection string if you have time.


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