SQL SERVER – ERROR FIX- Adventure works installation error – “Fatal Error Occurred”

Today when I tried to install the Adventure works database from AdventureWorks2008R2_SR1.exe file which is available in codeplex , I got the following error.



“A fatal error occurred during installation. Details:
Failed object initialization (ISupportInitialize.EndInit).An exception occured in SMO while trying to manage a service. Error at object ‘DatabaseSelection’ in markup file ‘DatabaseInstaller;component/databaseselection.xaml’ Line 78 Position 3.”


I tried checking with installation pre-requisites and found that following configurations/installations should be needed.


1        Installing Full-Text Search.

2        Enabling the SQL Full-text Filter Daemon Launcher Service.

3        Enabling FILESTREAM,


I found that SQL Full-text Filter Daemon Launcher Service is disabled. To enable this we need to work on the SQL Server configuration Manager. But when I tried to open the Configuration manager I faced one error which is shown below.

The solution was provided by the Microsoft in this link

The solution is simple,

1        Go to cmd

2        Change the directory of your instance \Microsoft SQL Server\100\shared

3        Type mofcomp “program files\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Shared\sqlmgmproviderxpsp2up.mof”

After completing the above step I was able to access the Configuration Manager. Then I changed the configuration of SQL Full-text Filter Daemon Launcher Service. The steps done are

  1. Select the SQL Server Services in the Left side, so we can see lot of configurations in the right side.
  2. Right click on the SQL Full-text Filter Daemon Launcher Service (Your Instance) and select properties and a new tab will be open up. Select the service option and change the start mode to Automatic.

Look at the below picture.