My Trip to Germany

I was in Germany for the last two months. It was an official trip to Germany to learn new things which was quite interesting. I met a lot of people in Allianz Germany. Allianz Germany has a very large datacenter, which is quite interesting. This journey makes me to learn more about Infrastructure Management services. The persons whom I met there are,

Meddy Freeman:

He is a very enthusiastic person who talks about technology and tries to implement new technology in the SQL Server environment. He gave me freedom to express my thoughts in several meetings and we discussed a lot regarding SQL Server.

Christian Schenk:

He is our lead for SQL team. He is a very nice person who always takes risk for maintaining the databases running up.  He had given me a delicious German treat, in which I got a very delicious desert. Christian- it was really wonderful. Thanks for the invitation.


Dez is a Microsoft field engineer for us. Prior to join Microsoft he was Microsoft Most valuable Professional (MVP). Dez is a very nice and humble person who is really an expert in SQL Server. It is an extremely wonderful experience for both of us. We had discussed about SQL Server 2012 and unused features in SQL server.

Alexander Lohmann:

Alex is a nice guy, who has some special powers. We discussed some heart touching scenarios happening in the world, which was quite interesting. We really argued in several technical scenarios, but at the end the result was quite good.


Markus is a very handsome guy, who always likes music. I always found him with a headset. He had given me some wonderful session about SQL Server topics.

I am uploading some of the photos which I took from Germany.

Allianz- Unterforhiring Office

Myself @ Railway station


Munich in Snowfall

Wine glass in Marineplatz


DInner with German team.! - Markus,Christian schenk

Orion India Systems Pvt Ltd – Review

Orion India systems Pvt Ltd – a subsidiary of Orion system Integrators is one of the fastest growing companies in America. For the last one and half years I really enjoyed working in Orion India systems Pvt Ltd. There are lots of positive things in the Orion India systems which I am going to discuss here.  They had lot of fun activities like cricket club, Orion Night, some quizzes etc.


Persons Whom I met in Orion:

Name: Narendra kumar

Designation: Director India Operations

 I had a talk with him only once ie  at the time of quitting Orion.  Naren is a nice and very energetic   person, who talked to me regarding the business behind the Hospitals in the India. He is very diplomatic and he knows business very well. If I meet him again I like to talk to him regarding the some new business ideas  . Naren also put an offer to  me that  “I can re-join Orion at any time if I wish ”. This kind of treatment I got from director of Orion India systems.

Name: Pradeep Thekethodi

Designation: Sr Vice President, Global Application Development

Pradeep is a person who tries to experiment new things. He always trying to find out the best resources in Orion and appreciate them. He is a fan of Agile Methodology and his thoughts make Orion to grow like this. He initiated some programs like ORTIA- Creating technology experts in Orion and I am lucky to have part of that.

Name: Ashish joshi

Designation: Sr Project Manager

Ashish is a very nice person who knows how to manage a big team. He managed Orion Cochin division in very diplomatic manner. If I had any concerns I used to talk to him and he will say he will solve the problem. Whether he will solve the problem or not I feel  relaxed. I am  very comfortable with him.

Name: Ajit Smile

Designation: Team Lead

Ajit is a very cool and nice person from heart and one of my best friends. He manages the team very well. I didn’t feel that I worked in company I felt like home. Ajit always give me the opportunity to play around new things and also supported me whenever I feel uncomfortable.

Name: Joseph

Designation: Team Lead

Joseph is person with very nice heart and also an expert in his .Net skills. I respect his dedication towards the company and managing the team as well. He always takes the responsibility of his team and work harder to solve the issues rather than putting all the work to his colleagues. I will say he is a very good team leader

Name: Joy

Designation: Technical Architect

Joy is the Technical Architect in Orion. We worked together in the initial stage of Multi tenant database Architecture. Though it was sleepless night work, we both enjoyed a lot because we both love to learn technology.

Name: Sonish

Designation: Program Manager

Sonish is a program manager who clearly knows  how to get things done in tight deadline. I always find him cool on tight deadlines and it always surprises me. He always introduces me to every new team whenever there is a database issue.


I have lot of other friends in Orion to name few –Prashantha, Santhosh, Mahesh,Vinod,Vipin, Favas, Jerome, Anjana, jebin, Ria Rajan, Nijit, Mishal, sreeraj, sneha, Randeep,Mishal,Umesh,Pascal,Mitran  etc

Reason for Leaving Orion:

I left Orion due to some personal constraints and also I want to look after my family who are solely depend on me. If I got a chance again, I will definitely work for Orion.

Final Review:

Orion is one of the good companies in Cochin.  As in any other company there are some draw backs in Orion too. I hope they will fill these draw backs soon. But I can definitely say Orion is growing in a very fast pace and they are one of the fastest growing companies in the America. To get a job in Orion is also tough. You have to go several level of interview process. I hope you will work for Orion!!