SQL Server – How to Start the SQL Server in Minimal Configuration GUI

To Start SQL Server in minimum configuration mode, we need to do the following.

Start-> All Programs -> SQL Server 2012 -> SQL Server Configuration Manager.

In Configuration manager window, we need to select corresponding SQL Server services, if multiple instances are there, Here SQL Server services

Right click on SQL Server services and choose properties -> Startup Parameters -> Add “-m” to the startup paramerters and Add it.

Please have a look at the below image.

Start SQL Server in Minimal Config Mode



In Minimal mode, SQL Server is started in Single User Mode.


What are DBCC Commands?

The DBCC commands acts as a Database Console commands for SQL Server. The DBCC commands are categorized into four.


Command Category Purpose
Maintenance Maintenance task on database,index & Filegroups
Miscellaneous* Miscellaneous tasks such as enabling trace flags or disabling a DLL from memory
Informational Task that gather and display various types of information.
Validation Validation Operation on database,table,index, filegroup or allocation of database pages.

The DBCC commands and examples will be continued.