My Trip to Germany

I was in Germany for the last two months. It was an official trip to Germany to learn new things which was quite interesting. I met a lot of people in Allianz Germany. Allianz Germany has a very large datacenter, which is quite interesting. This journey makes me to learn more about Infrastructure Management services. The persons whom I met there are,

Meddy Freeman:

He is a very enthusiastic person who talks about technology and tries to implement new technology in the SQL Server environment. He gave me freedom to express my thoughts in several meetings and we discussed a lot regarding SQL Server.

Christian Schenk:

He is our lead for SQL team. He is a very nice person who always takes risk for maintaining the databases running up.  He had given me a delicious German treat, in which I got a very delicious desert. Christian- it was really wonderful. Thanks for the invitation.


Dez is a Microsoft field engineer for us. Prior to join Microsoft he was Microsoft Most valuable Professional (MVP). Dez is a very nice and humble person who is really an expert in SQL Server. It is an extremely wonderful experience for both of us. We had discussed about SQL Server 2012 and unused features in SQL server.

Alexander Lohmann:

Alex is a nice guy, who has some special powers. We discussed some heart touching scenarios happening in the world, which was quite interesting. We really argued in several technical scenarios, but at the end the result was quite good.


Markus is a very handsome guy, who always likes music. I always found him with a headset. He had given me some wonderful session about SQL Server topics.

I am uploading some of the photos which I took from Germany.

Allianz- Unterforhiring Office

Myself @ Railway station


Munich in Snowfall

Wine glass in Marineplatz


DInner with German team.! - Markus,Christian schenk